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  • Website image optimization checker

    Most images that are found on pages on the web are unoptimized. Such unoptimized images contribute to slower page loading times, even if their quality is not of the highest. This is all because such images have not previously been compressed into a suitable image format. Such file formats include WebP and AVIF. If you upload uncompressed or unoptimized images to your site, you are running a lot of risks. Your site's loading time will increase, which can lead to a higher abandonment rate. You will surely agree that it is not fun to browse a site where images load infinitely, right?

    By optimizing images in the right way you are in a position to gain a lot with little effort.

    This is where we provide you with a website image optimization test where you can check website image optimization for free in one minute!

Test image optimization on your website

Enter your website URL and check how much you can reduce the weight of images on your website using our plugin.

  • How does it work?

    This image optimization test will instantly show you by how much the size of the images on your site will decrease if you decide to use our image optimizer plugin.

    Enter the URL of your website (or any website on which you want to optimize images) and our website image optimisation checker will provide you with data on by how many percent the size of images will be reduced if you choose Converter for Media PRO. In the table, we provide you with the original size of each image that is on the page, for which you entered the URL into the website image optimization test. Then we brief you on the size of each image in WebP and in AVIF format.

    The images on your site will be optimized to exactly these formats if you opt for the Converter for Media PRO plugin.

  • Current size data of converted images

    From the statistics of many thousands of tests made by users on the image optimisation test page, it appears that images converted to WebP format (a format available to everyone in the free version of the Converter for Media plugin) are 47% lighter, on average, compared to the original image size. This is great news! But that 's not all...

    The images converted to AVIF are on average 44% lighter than WebP. What’s more, the quality of the AVIF format images themselves is also better than before! So this is quite a difference. Check website image optimization with the test we provide you here. Take a moment to analyze the data and decide for yourself whether it is worth betting on Converter for Media PRO.

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