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WordPress plugins are our passion. Creating WordPress solutions is what we are good at and we are certain we are doing it right. We’ll help you save money and time thanks to our WP plugins that will improve the performance of your website.

In our portfolio, you will find WordPress plugins that cannot be missing in any site that uses this CMS. You can find them all not only on this website, but also on the WordPress repository. You know what that means, right? Yes! All our plugins are also available for free! This way you can take them for a test ride first. No strings attached!

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    Our products offer high quality, which translates into trouble-free use and safety of your websites.
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    We are willing to help anyone who has a problem with the use of our product. Nobody will be left alone.
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Our plugins

    • Converter for Media
    • 01

      Converter for Media

      This image optimizer is a great solution if you want to speed up loading images on your website. The Converter for Media plugin will take care of converting your images to WebP and AVIF format in seconds.

      Active installations: 400 000+

    • ACF: Better Search
    • 02

      ACF: Better Search

      Make your default WordPress search engine better and work smarter than ever. This plugin brings to the default WordPress search engine the possibility to perform content-based search from the selected fields of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

      Active installations: 40 000+

    • WP Better Permalinks
    • 03

      WP Better Permalinks

      This plugin is a fine solution if what you are looking for is setting custom permalinks structure. WP Better Permalinks will help you change the default permalink structure into a more friendly one.

      Active installations: 1 000+

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