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    We are looking for people who know and like our plugins and who would like to recommend our plugins to others. You can earn for every recommendation of our plugin.

Recommend our plugins
and profit from it!

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    Submit your registration request and join our referral plan.

  • Receive your code

    You will receive your unique discount code that you can give to others.

  • Recommend plugins

    Recommend our plugin by giving your friends a discount code for purchase.

  • Earn money

    Earn a commission on every purchase with your discount code.

Who gains from it?

  • The person who recommends

    For every purchase using your discount code you get 20% of the purchase value.

  • The person who purchases

    A discount code you give someone gives a 20% discount on their purchase.

  • 20% commission
    for the referral

  • 20% discount
    on the purchase

100% is the value
of the purchased plugin
(before applying the discount)
    • 20%
    • 0%

    of commission

    for the referral

    • 20%
    • 0%

    of discount

    for the buyer

    • 100%
    • 0%

    of transparency

    and honesty

How can I earn money from this?

  • Follow

    In the partner panel you can check all transactions from referrals.

  • Accumulate balance
    for payout

    Collect $100 or more in commission on purchases with your discount code.

  • Automatic

    At the beginning of each month, we make payments for the collected funds.

  • Receive a transfer
    from us

    Your funds will be sent directly to your bank account or PayPal.

What should the person I recommend a plugin do?

  • Scenario 1:
    Use the discount code

    The buyer enters your discount code when placing the order. The discount encourages the use of the code.

  • Scenario 2:
    Visit the referral URL

    The buyer visits your referral URL which automatically activates the discount code for their purchase.

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